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February 2013 Meeting

This month, we are going to be talking about all things automation. Rob Sullivan is going to be doing a quick presentation on automating SQL Server installation and the concept of infrastructure as code. Once he is done, we will engage in group discussion on ways you all are trying to automate process at work or questions you might have getting started with automation under certain conditions.

The title for the talk is: Let’s Automate Everything and will cover:
A key to being a good DBA/Dev/BI Professional is being able to automate everything you can so that you can focus on tasks that really matter. One of the often overlooked tasks is automating your SQL Server installs and configuration. Taking it another step further, your team’s entire process starts to change when you can introduce the concept of ‘Infrastructure As Code’ which is basically automated repeatable server configuration based on what is in source control. Lastly, I’m stuck in the OLTP/Web world which means I’m really curious about how Business Intelligence people automate tasks or those not doing web stuff. So join me in the group discussion where we can all ask or share about automation solutions and tricks.

When: February 11th – 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Food and Drinks will be provided by GDH

Location: GDH Offices
1111 N Walker Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Directions link: Click Here

06 Feb 2013

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